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Stepping Stones Consulting Services

Providing in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needs

Providing in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needs

Providing in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needsProviding in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needs


In Home Therapy


Stepping Stones understands that each child is unique. We begin with an assessment of the child, and we then work with the family to create a program individualized for the child. The goals are in a variety of areas including communication, academic skills, social skills, self-help skills, and goals around the community (i.e. restaurants, stores, airports). We also create programs around managing challenging behavior at home or in the school. Once a program is in place, the goals are continually monitored and modified based on the child's progress. We work with each family to determine an optimal therapy schedule that will be beneficial for the child.

Parent Training


Stepping Stones provides in-home training for parents to learn the principles of ABA, and how to effectively use ABA strategies and tools at home. Training can also be personalized to a family's specific situation (i.e. handling challenging behaviors or teaching new chores to a child). Stepping Stones also provides parent training workshops through Frisco ISD. Parents get an overview of ABA and its principles. They learn about tools and strategies that can be used at home on a daily basis.



Stepping Stones can assist families in a child's school setting. We can work with a child's teachers and administrators to help manage challenging behaviors, or to assist in helping a child receive the most effective services in the classroom. We also attend ARD/IEP meetings to assist parents, teachers, and administrators in creating the best programs and services for a child.

Stepping Stones also provides assistance to other organizations, companies or therapists who work with individuals with special needs. We provide programs, education, and guidance to employees who are working directly with the special needs population, and who may not be familiar with the principles and tools of ABA.