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Stepping Stones Consulting Services

Providing in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needs

Providing in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needs

Providing in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needsProviding in-home ABA therapy to individuals with special needs

About Us


MONICA PIPER, Founder and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Monica Piper is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over ten years of experience. She is passionate about working with individuals with special needs, and helping each one reach his or her highest potential. She has worked with individuals with special needs of all ages (pre-schoolers to adults) in various settings including in-home, clinical settings, and adult rehabilitation centers. She founded Stepping Stones in 2016. Monica has also given presentations and training workshops to parents through Frisco ISD. 

Monica received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Cornell University. She then received her Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from The Ohio State University, and started her career in business and technology consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Chicago. She worked there for over seven years until she had her first son Shawn, and decided to stay home with him. Monica and her husband Jeff have two sons, and have lived in Frisco since 2011. Monica enjoys spending time with her family, going to concerts, and watching her older son sing at various events. Shawn sings in perfect pitch, and he performs at various events and functions. Monica is kept busy managing his schedule of events.

Shawn was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was two years old. He started ABA therapy right away, and started making progress quickly. Monica decided to return to school to pursue a degree in ABA. She received her Master's degree in Psychology specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her son is the reason that she joined this field. She loves seeing kids and adults with special needs continually learn new concepts and skills, and make progress in a variety of different areas.